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500Z19"Nu even niet Hij leest De Standaard " publicity photo with gangsters to promote a newspaper
501Y3Dupoyet PierretteUne voix dans les murs her experience of perfoming theater in prison from 1988 to 2003
502B1La prison sans peine a 2010 film about social freedom and rehabilitation in Puero Princesa City Jail in Philippines
503G1Colloque actions pour personnes placées sous justice ?Paris 2010 sympo about organizing actions on heritage and collective memory including art
504P1L'intervention musicale en milieu pénitentiaire sympo Cassel 2010 about museum intervention in prison in northern France - methodology
505R 3Meadows MatthewInsider Art A and C Black Publishersart by insiders and ex-inmates profiles and a gallery of art work from accross the UK
506G3Depasse JeanineSe former en prison, l'impossible défi ?cefoceducation projects developped by Cefoc in a few Belgian prisons since 2002
507Z3Lévy GérardFleurs de peau Kehayoffphotographic work Lyons Thirties on prisoners' tattoos
508No13Mollard-Chenebenoit PascaleOoggetuige binnen de murenParis copies of painting Mantegna Murilo and Gericault to the prisoners with the Louvre
509@11Dupont-Bouchat Marie-SylviePrisons de Saint-Gilles et de Forest en danger ?short history on the first buildings for prisons in belgium
510No1Clair et obscur CAL Luxemburgincludes works from Inmate Tattoo by AWB in different prisons 2010
511No1Clair et obscur CAL Luxemburgincludes works from Inmate Tattoo by AWB in different prisons 2011 Brussels
512No1Clair et obscur CAL Luxemburgincludes works from Inmate Tattoo by AWB in different prisons 2011 Liège
513G15Von Licht und Dunkel German 2nd international fine art competition with incarcerated people and youth 2011
514G12Bruyninckx JOmdat praten belangrijk isDe Standaard communication and psychology
515R13Weapon made with bread crump picture taken by Orion in the Museum of Police in Ghent
516L1Dag van de gevangen schrijverPen Vlaanderen50th birthday of the Writers in Prison Commitee 2010 Radio Klara on writer N Yasin
517No1Russian Criminal Tattoo Exhibition 2010 London drawings and photographs from The Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia
518Y1Spectacle de Théâtre Mains en l'air - Mano arriba play made by prisoners Lantin(B) and Colina(CL) -dir. JM. Munaretti & I. Paraguirre Rias 2010
519B1Sur les docs: La prison derrière les murs 2011 four documentaries about different cultural and artistic projects made in prison
520No4Art by offenders Koestler Trustexpo London from 29/09/2010 to 14/11/2010
521No14Art by offenders Koestler Trust8 postcards with prisoner drawings and texts
522P2Boelen Legsnazaad songs by Legs Boelen prison NL
523G11Not Shut up !magazine London's prisons and unfree people to communicate and express themselves
524L12Beckers LotteEen blik achter slot en grendel RoulartaLuc Dewaele, guard prison Brugge, book about prison life and criticizes it
525L3Carnet d'escale literature workshop prison Maubeuge France text illustrated with drawings
526L3Carnet d'escale literature workshop prison Maubeuge France text illustrated with drawings
527L12Fusillade: les détenus de Lantin solidaires des victimes prisoners Lantin letter to support victims and their families murder Liege in December 2011
528R5Fox NealJean Genet stained glass window by the contemporary artist Neal Fox representsing Jean Genet
529G4A la recherche du sens seminar about actions in prison 2011 by Le service pour la santé asbl
530G1activités socio-culturelles à l'annexe psychiatrique lecture on the exhibition De l'ombre à la Lumière Forest by APO 2011
531G19Creativity and Captivity articles Seminar Creativity and Captivity VUB 2011
532Y1Johnny Future theater play Netherlands European project PEETA
533No1Les singuliers et le pluriel pictures expo Le singulier et le pluriel Liege 2012 on workshop in psychiatric prison
534G11T Hulpje Gevangenis Leuven Centraalon living conditions in different belgian prisons poetry or drawings
535G11Faire ensemble, Faire circuler Hors Cadreon art workshops in prison France summer 2010 street art, slam, music, sound technique
536G11McNeill FKunstprojecten en What Works Justitiële verkenningenartistic Initiatives Scotland Theatre Music or Opera on Desistance
537R11Schut HeddaVerwondering zien Balans art teacher in jail Netherlands art works from prisoners in exhibition in 2011
538R5Boelen LegsBajesbeelden prison vught collection of art teacher in jail Netherlands art works from prisoners in exhibition in 2011
539Y8Jail house Rap and Slam docu Jail house rap by NParlaku and CD with slam music and book with lyrics Ittre 2005-2006
540L3De Mey MariskaIk ben wie ik ben (2) Mariska De Mey organises open correspondence between prisoners and students KULeuven
541L3Masters Jarvis JayFinding freedom Jarvis Masters write about his experience in the prison of San Quentin
542L3London JackThe Star Rover Jack London tells the story of a detainee, inspired by his friend Ed Morell in San Quentin jail
543No4Art by offenders Koestler Trustexhibiton in London 2011 and in Scotland Glasgow 2011
544Y1Empreintes performance Berkendael 2012 and a work of art given to the audience
545R12F van der Mensbrugghe TimTere littekens met sterke verhalen De Morgen book Littekens aan de oppervlakte on scars from detainees and their stories 2012 Brussels
546G12Nicholson LucyGooi het in de groepDe Standaard detainees California in group therapies while in a cage strong pictures
547X4Johnson HannaUnlocking value Arts Alliance report commissioned to explore one approach to valuing the arts in criminal justice
548Y11Johnson HelenToneel voor de toekomst Nieuwe liefdereport on a theater project in a prison Netherlands
549Y1Présentation du travail du stage de percussions concert made by detainees Marneffe
550B3Cruz HugoEntrado theatre with rock music und work on Hamlet 2009 in the prison of Porto final play is Entrado
551R19Ekelson StéphaneArts plastiques en prison Culture et Démocratiereport on the reflexions of the meeting organized by centre lalique 2010 in St-Hubert
552B1Caron and GarciaOmbre et lumières Leïla filmsby Caron Charline Antonio G Garcia on the story of a theater workshop in Lantin
553R 3Kuhlmann SeptimiaGedetineerden: bouwen op vertrouwen ACCUtheatre project association ACCU in the prison of Krimpen aan de Ijssel NL
554L12Schlömer FrankKunst is broodnodig in deze gevangenis De Morgen play Keffiyeh/Made in China by palestinian author Dalia Taha KVS March 2012
555Y12Theerlynck SarahOok achter tralies kan je je een echte papa voelen De Morgen the theater and music play Rosie en Moussa for children shown in the prison of Leuven
556Y12Op de Beeck GrietAls ik hier buitenkom, dan ... ' De Morgen different art projects by young artists in the prison of Ghent supported by the center OBRA
557G12Metdepenningen MarcEn prison, la peine côtoie aussi de grandes joies Le Soir status questionis rehabilitation in prisons - Belgium
558G11Nugent BriegeThe Art and Prisoners: Experiences of Creative RehabThe Howard Journal evaluation of art programms from Artlink Central Cornton Vale, Scotland's main women prison
559B1Projection de films d'atelier et documentairesCulture et Démocratiethree documentary films about artistic events and workshops in prisons
560B4L'atelier Production de regards à la prison Paris-La-Santé workshop consists of works on films and on the creation of an own TV channel 2012
561R1Image et prison Culture et Démocratie2-days-meeting on images in prison 2012 lectures art projects own experiences 3 exhibitions
562Y11Clarke AlanWellbeing behind bars Arts Professional testimony about his long carreer running arts projects in prisons across Europe
563No1Koestler Trust 50th annual uk exhibitionKoestler Trustbook for 50th anniversary coincides with annual exhibition 2012 London UK ALSO 599
564No1Alvarado RoxanaMères de Qalqylia - Traces de liberté art works by family of prisoners in Palestine 2012 in CC Ottignies-Louvain-la-neuve
565B8Tanghe VladimirGevangen artist Vladimir Tanghe collects in his documentary film testimonies from prison lifes
566B11Cesare deve morire Fatik docu on prisoners playing Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in an italian jail ALSO 592
567L11Mühl Ottole samedi 11 septembre 1999 au matin, Algarve Multitudes representant of the Viennese Actionism talks about prison life interview by Jacques Donguy
568Y1Vienne ClaireThéâtre de la Communauté en tournée Marcel Productionsplay presented in prisons about prison life Sainte-Menehould in France 2013
569G12Ben Azzouz HoudaEen tweede kans, maar met een boodschap Brussel deze week guided tours of Brussels by ex-inmate
570B1Pellerin ChrisFort intérieurdocumentary women painting their self-portrait in prison 2013 Brussels for film festival
571B1Thierry MélanieOmbline story of a woman educating her baby in prison by Stéhane Cazes
572B12Debackere JanBoei ons, Luk Alloo!De Morgeninterview about TV programm interviewing prisoners in the prison of Leuven Centraal
573L12Degryse IlseBerichten uit de bajesDe Standaard poems written by prisoners Leuven-Centraal
574G12Reynebeau MarcKijk uit voor een traag hart De Standaard A. Raine brain research Het gewelddadige brein De biologische wortels van crimineel gedrag
575GVivement dehors! ADEPPImagazine with artistic productions prisoners in the french speaking Belgium
576No1Koestler NewsArrow in the blue: Exhibition for the West Midlands Koestler Trustexpo Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 2013 with entries to 2012 Koestler Awards
577No1Clair et obscur incl. works from Inmate Tattoo project by AWB in prisons and in2013 in Marche-en-Famenne
578No1Portes ouvertes sur la prison Escale du Nord CAAPincluding works from Inmate Tattoo exhibition by AWB 2012 to 2013 in Anderlecht Brussels
579No15AWBDromen over muren heen AWBpreview by AWB on project Art Story Leuven Centraal from 22/05/2013 to 25/05/2013
580G4Unlocking new skills PEETAPEETA Conference 2012 on Theater and Performance Arts notes, brochures of organisations
581No5FAMDLittekens aan de oppervlakte Sporen naar diepgang FAMDcatalogue with photographies from scars of prisoners and their testimonies
582L12Jacobs PeterVan bajesklant tot Nobelprijs De Standaard on creative writing in prison
583L3JoeystarrMauvaise réputation renowned rapper with prison experience
584L3Lamb WallyVan binnen uit geschreven Mouriatexts from women prisoners after workshop on creative writing in the prison of York UK
585L3Luxemburg RosaLettres de prison Berg Internationalletters to her friend Sophie Liebknecht during her detention (1915-1916)
586P12Van Huffel JozefienDe deur van de kapel is op slot Kerk en Levenchanging groups of young musicians perform during mass in prison chapel
587@3Claus HansHuizen Liga voor mensenrechten plea for small-scale detention in urban setting
588@4Kilmainham Gaol former prison of Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin converted into a museum
589@4Cork City Gaol former prison of Cork converted into a museum
590No5Bourgeois CarolineA triple tour Editions de patrimoine visual art works on the question of locking up from Pinault collection in Paris France 2014
591No5Hermans LindeGevangenis Tongeren prison's life through interviews, photos, documents after Tongeren prison closed in 2006
592B8Taviani PaoloCesare deve morire docu on prisoners playing Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in an italian jail ALSO 566
593No1Van Malleghem Sebastien125 jaar Beschermcomité Leuven photos prison's life in Leuven Centraal and artworks from detainees 2013
594R19Boie GideonEmpowerment: développement ressources personnelles des détenus report discussion on approaches and multidisciplinary reflections on acting Huy 2011
595@11Misdaad, straf en kunst Rekto Versoart in detention
596G1Fine Cell Work Fine Cell Worksocial enterprise: paid, skilled, creative needlework to foster hope, discipline, self esteem
597R18Cartoon cartoon
598No5Sarag LucasOngezien De Rode Antraciet vzw art works from prisoners presented in OPEK in Leuven 2013
599No5Doing time with the arts Koestler Trustbook for the 50th anniversary coincides with its annual exhibition 2012 London UK
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